Margaret River was included as one of 10 destinations, globally, for Conde Nast Traveler’s 2020 Bucket List, selected by the publication’s editors.

“As each day of social distancing and travel restrictions passes, it seems like our wanderlust grows just a little bit stronger. Those faraway beaches seem more luxurious, big cities seem more exciting, and our favorite restaurants seem more delicious. (Heck, even airplane food doesn’t sound so bad right now.) While we stay firmly at home, we here at Traveler are already planning the first trip we’re going to take when this finally ends and it’s safe for us to do so. Here, our editors share their travel bucket lists, covering everywhere from the Caribbean to Japan….

“If I’d been asked this question pre-coronavirus, this wine and surf region of Western Australia would not have been my answer, despite it being on my list for well over a decade. I’d have more likely thrown out Accra or Tel Aviv or other large and exhilarating cities that I tend to be drawn to. But the idea of escaping somewhere remote, with clean, fresh air and the best version of the outdoors (to me, that’ll always mean the beach), is what appeals to me right now. The Margaret River is one of the world’s greatest, unsung wine regions, in part because of its remoteness at the bottom west corner of the country. The lifestyle there is what appeals most: surfing in the morning, then sipping world-class Chardonnays in cellar doors all afternoon long. It feels gloriously unpretentious, far away, sun-kissed, and friendly—exactly where I want to be as I type this in my Brooklyn apartment.” — Erin Florio

Margaret River Makes Cn Traveler'S Bucket List 1