Letter to the Editor
Group Settlement Chronicle and Margaret-Augusta Mail (WA: 1923-1930)
Tuesday 21 December 1926, page 2

Re: Proposed Hotel License for Margaret River (To the Editor)

Sir,– I notice in your issue of the 3rd. inst., under the heading of Cowaramup Chirps,” a par re the proposed Hotel license at Margaret River, and I venture to say there are a great many more who are of opinion that a first class accommodation house such as is required by the Licensing Act today, instead of being a “set-back,” will be a great asset to the locality. One has only to look at centres like Nannup and Manjimup and other places. Have the licensed houses proved detrimental to progress and development? Certainly not. The Chirpers must think the resident of the Margaret River locality are of a very inferior standard if disintegration is going to set in immediately liquor is legally on sale in the district. What of the quantity of liquor now consumed here; is its destructive forces any milder because it is bought elsewhere?

A good Hotel in the Margaret River township is already overdue not that I have any interest in it. I have nothing near than 20 miles. I have noticed that in young town-ships, as soon as a decent hotel has been erected, progress is much more rapid and much better class of building, whether it be for commercial or private use, is generally built. I trust that when next I travel those 20 odd thirsty miles to the township, I will meet the Chirper (Chirper: having had objected to the license) and we will see together – not setbacks and disintegration – but the bottom of a couple of pots; and while the cool refreshing ale is moistening our parched throats, who can say that we will not feel a twinge of sorrow for the misguided wowser who passes along the hot and dusty road down to the river bank to drink from a stagnant pool along with his donkey.

Yours truly,