When it comes to hospitality, Bernard McKeown was a pioneer and a visionary. He purchased one acre of land on the Main Street of Margaret River 1933 when it was little more than a dirt road with a few weatherboard shops.

The initial 1936 build and continued development has been closely associated with major developments in the region, in the first instance Group Settlement tourism to the caves, and the development of viticulture in the region in late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. Bernard was passionate about hospitality and created a home away from home for many of his visiting guests. 

Introducing our Management Team, who are reintroducing some old-fashioned charm, warm hospitality and welcoming atmosphere.

    • Loyalty membership is free.
    • All members are required to be over 18 years of age.
    • Employees are not eligible to join the Loyalty program.
    • Margaret River Hotel Loyalty reward structure
      1. 1 Point per $1 spent in the Bottleshop/Retail
      2. 2 Points per $1 spent on Food Sales
      3. 3 Points per $1 spent On-premise drinks
    • Your Loyalty card MUST be presented at the point of sale to earn points on your purchase. Points cannot be added to your balance at a later date, without exception.
    • The reward rates are determined by Margaret River Hotel and may be subject to change at any time and without notice.
    • Your Loyalty card MUST be presented at the point of sale to redeem your points for credit on a purchase.
    • Any redemption of points or member based discounts will not be available until all mandatory contact details are updated, including Name and Email or Phone.
    • Points cannot be redeemed on the following items: all advertised and in-store bottleshop specials, Bottleshop items including tobacco products, RTDs and spirit bottles and items charge to account.
    • Points earned cannot be redeemed for cash.
    • Points will expire after a period of inactivity of 12 months.
    • Only the person registered as the Loyalty member above may obtain any benefit offered to cardholders.
    • As above (12), only the cardholder can obtain benefit from the Loyalty program, however with the Family Link facility the cardholders can be linked and share said benefits. Family link facility is available to persons who can prove direct family ties, enabling shared benefits.
    • If your Loyalty card is lost, stolen or damaged, notify the Hotel immediately in person or via email at [email protected], the Margaret River Hotel is not liable for any delay in replacing a loyalty card or for any unauthorised use of the card. A new card will be issued at a fee of $5 or points to the same value will be forfeited.
    • Margaret River Hotel reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to decline to issue cards, withdraw or cancel cards and points, terminate a cardholder’s membership in the Loyalty program, or terminate the Loyalty program.
    • Use of the Loyalty card constitutes acceptance of the programs’ Terms and Conditions.
    • These terms and conditions may be varied, withdrawn or amended at any time at the discretion of Margaret River Hotel and without notice.